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DIY Premium Satin Wands - Package of 49-50

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DIY Premium Satin Wands - Package of 49-50

Do It Yourself Premium Ribbon Wands. A packet of enough sticks, ribbon, lace and pearls to make 49-50 of your own premium ribbon wands. Choose up to 3 colors, to blend together with your lace and wrap with pearls. We can also email you a tutorial video that will help you know how to do it.

*50, 18" sticks

*100 yards of 5/8" Double Sided Satin polyester Ribbon. (3 colors, 34 yards each)

*34 Yards of Lace 

*14 yards of  pearls

** This kit will make up to 50 wands, but we have found that sometimes the ribbon have a few breaks in the strand, so there may be some waste. This is why the number varies from 49-50.


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